Vulnerability Management

Identifying and remediating known vulnerabilities is an essential component of reducing critical infrastructure risks. However, despite many known vulnerabilities for industrial control systems, Owner Operators often struggle to effectively identify and manage these risks before internal or external threat actors can exploit them. Decrease your enterprise risk by knowing and effectively managing your vulnerabilities.

As the threat landscape continues to expand, having an ongoing and automated vulnerability assessment for complex, multi-vendor OT/ICS environments is crucial to reducing your attack surface and enterprise risk.

With PAS Cyber Integrity® from Hexagon, you can:

  • Immediately know which production systems are at risk, spanning both networked and isolated systems
  • Drive remediation and mitigation actions
  • Audit the status and effectiveness of risk reduction efforts
  • Gain a centralized, unified view into patch status across all your OT/ICS endpoints

Explore these resources for managing your industrial cybersecurity and find out how PAS Cyber Integrity can help you close your cybersecurity vulnerabilities.