Control Loop Performance

Automatic control loops are a key tool to drive maximum efficiency and productivity across operations, but the benefits of automatic control loops degrade if your loops are not proactively monitored. When control loops aren’t right, they send impact ripples across your operations from equipment life to operator efficiency to the bottom line. With Hexagon’s solutions, you can usher in a new level of control loop intelligence and optimization – sending ripples of productivity and profitability throughout your operations.

Control loops are foundational to efficient operations. Everything from quality control to remote operations depends on the accuracy and precision of your control loops. Many loops are never updated from default settings during initial implementation. Lack of ongoing monitoring and adjustment over time can create compounding issues in your operations and negate other process improvements. Standard practices or automated tools that identify poorly performing loops help maintain ongoing performance benefits.

PAS ControlWizard™, Hexagon’s tool for Control Loop Performance Monitoring (CLPM), incorporates best-practice control loop analytics into a robust software solution. ControlWizard helps you:

  • Assess the performance of all your control loops and create automatic reports on loop performance
  • Identify and address poorly performing loops
  • Track the amount of time control loops spend in manual mode
  • Prioritize work requests against the importance of the loop and its importance to your processes
  • Understand the impact of your control loops on process performance

With a robust and integrated process for continuously monitoring and maintaining control loops you can:

  • Compare fleetwide performance of loops across assets and adjust loops fleetwide to match your best performers
  • Tie historical loop performance to operator logbooks so you can track equipment maintenance and service against process performance
  • Improve the reliability and accuracy of preventive maintenance by dynamically incorporating control loop and asset performance data
  • Provide CLPM information to remote engineering groups