Alarm Management

Alarms and operator interventions are the last line of defense in mitigating an abnormal condition before the activation of a safety system or worse. The decisions made by console operators monitoring the plant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week can be the difference between returning to normal operations and an incident. Too often, console operators are inundated with meaningless alarms that constantly distract them from being able to effectively monitor and adjust plant conditions to maintain normal operations. A robust alarm management program is not only required in many industries; it’s fundamental to ensuring that operators maintain situation awareness and can effectively respond to each and every alarm condition to keep your business running smoothly.

Hexagon provides both software solutions and subject matter expertise to help manage, improve and unlock the full potential of your alarms. A controlled alarm system is a key component of achieving situation awareness and ensuring operators have the information they need to successfully handle intervention events. Properly managed alarms alert, inform and guide responses across your operations. Additional value can be gained by adding alarm management metrics to data lakes or shift handover workflows. This can provide invaluable insights to other areas of your business. With a robust and dynamic alarm solution – enabled by Hexagon – your operations will have the resources they need, today and in the future, to achieve maximum effectiveness from operators and continuously improve operations.