PAS IPL Assurance™

Ensure Integrity of Independent Protection Layers


Safe and profitable industrial operations rely upon functional and available Independent Protection Layers (IPLs). Today, assessing IPL status relies on manual data gathering processes, spreadsheets, and in-house tools. This time-consuming, error-prone approach expends valuable resources and introduces unwanted operational risk.

PAS IPL Assurance provides automated, cost-effective, near real-time visibility into the health and availability of the safety instrumented systems (SIS), alarm management systems, and other IPL layers allowing rapid identification of potential risks, such as bypassed or out-ofservice safety functions.

PAS IPL Assurance provides the following analytics, alert, and visualization features:

  • Safety instrumented function (SIF) performance management,
  • Testing and maintenance management
  • Demand on safety system rate tracking
  • Safety-related alarm status
  • Safety system bypass management
  • Safety and operational risk dashboard


  • Improves plant safety and operational awareness of safety system performance
  • Reduces operational risk and downtime due to shutdowns or turnarounds
  • Optimizes plant resources by automating IPL integrity reporting
  • Provides audit trail for IEC and OSHA compliance

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