PAS inBound™

Improve Process Safety and Compliance by Managing Operational Boundary Limits


Operating within process boundary limits is critical to safe and profitable production; however control systems are not designed to track boundaries other than process alarms. In addition, operational and process limits are typically scattered in multiple databases and systems, making it difficult to comprehensively manage the operating boundaries of a facility.

PAS inBound™, part of PAS PlantState Integrity, aggregates, displays, and validates process safety, reliability, and economic operating limits such as:

  • Process alarms
  • Safe operating & design limits
  • Mechanical design limits
  • Environmental limits
  • Normal operating limits
  • Economic limits/opportunity cost


  • Improves safety and compliance through automatic notification of boundary excursions
  • Validates and exposes safety, reliability, and economic operating limits in real time
  • Enables preemptive corrective actions to minimize risk and cost
  • Prioritizes events based on opportunity cost to production
  • Integrates seamlessly with Documentation & Rationalization, State-Based and Shelving modules to ensure a comprehensive approach to Operations Risk Management

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