PAS ControlWizard™

Optimize Production with Robust Control Loop Performance


Robust control loop performance is critical to process safety and plant profitability. Control loop performance degrades over time due to process modifications, changing production requirements, and equipment condition. PAS ControlWizard™, part of PAS PlantState Integrity, monitors, analyzes, diagnoses, and reports control loop performance to proactively address potential issues that affect safety and production performance.

Leveraging non-intrusive techniques, ControlWizard:

  • Identifies problematic sensors, valves, and controllers
  • Pinpoints root causes of control issues
  • Ranks and prioritizes impact on process operations
  • Documents and reports control problems
  • Tracks progress in control loop improvement programs


  • Provides analytics to enable control loop condition-based maintenance
  • Prioritizes loop performance issues based on impact to safety and operations
  • Enables regulatory compliance reporting
  • Improves process safety and reliability

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