PAS PlantState Integrity™


The PAS PlantState Integrity platform includes solutions for alarm management, boundary management, control loop monitoring and tuning, and managing Independent Protection Layers (IPL) which work together to ensure safe, reliable and compliant industrial operations. With the PlantState Integrity platform you can gain holistic insights into core areas of your operations so you can strengthen your operational foundation and achieve new levels of process safety, control, operational resiliency and effectiveness.


PAS AlarmManagement™

Implement industry-wide best practices to optimize alarm systems and improve operator effectiveness.

Control Wizard

PAS ControlWizard™

Monitor and assess the performance of all your control loops to improve process safety and reliability.


PAS InBound™

Create a master database of operational limits to ensure alignment across all sources of record and analyze performance against those limits.


PAS IPL Assurance®

Gain visibility into the performance of your Independent Protection Layers (IPL) to assure your operations are safe to run.


PAS TuneWizard™

Implement effective tuning to ensure optimal and robust control loop performance.