Project Integrity™

Reduce Project Risk by Validating and Resolving Automation Data Discrepancies


Configuration inaccuracies or discrepancies across control systems arise during the life of greenfield and brownfield projects. They are introduced by MACs, Engineering, Procurement, EPCs, and other stakeholders who face challenges keeping databases synchronized. Such issues lead to project delays, risk, and cost overruns.

PAS Project Integrity™ solves these issues by capturing, validating, and reconciling configuration data from various automation systems resolving discrepancies before the impact project goals and timelines.

Providing project teams with transparency throughout the project lifecycle, Project Integrity:

  • Captures configuration data from automation or decision support systems
  • Identifies discrepancies between each manufacturer’s control system databases
  • Drives data reconciliation processes via automated workflows
  • Ensures auditability with full reporting of status, modifications, and resolution


  • Reduces project risk by identifying and reconciling inaccuracies
  • Avoids project delays during FAT, SAT, and startup phases
  • Improves productivity by improving engineering project insight
  • Supports ongoing audit process with comprehensive reporting

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