PAS Automation Integrity™

PAS Integrity™ aggregates, organizes, and contextualizes highly complex data from disparate, proprietary industrial automation systems to help plant personnel maximize productivity, ensure reliability, and proactively identify and address potential safety incidents.


Operational Technology environments have become incredibly complex, with thousands of endpoints, hundreds of integrated applications, tens of thousands of sensors, and more interoperability than ever before. This combination of greater complexity and continual change leaves facilities vulnerable to the effects of undocumented and unapproved changes to system configuration.

Automation Integrity is an enterprise application for automation asset management at industrial plants. It aggregates and contextualizes configuration databases, programs, and user interfaces. It also simplifies the visualization and the management of information in automation systems.

Minimize manual effort and human error by identifying and eliminating configuration defects, preventing unexpected plant incidents and shutdowns. In today’s competitive production environment, proper documentation and change tracking are essential for effective troubleshooting, faster problem resolution, and incident avoidance.

Automation Integrity improves plant safety and reduces operating risk:

  • Map Automation Systems
  • Ensure Sensor Data Integrity
  • Document Configuration and Track Changes
  • Retain System Knowledge
  • Automate Work Processes
  • Inventory System Utilization and Available Spare Capacity

Hexagon has an extensive list of 120+ different control systems for automation systems to extract essential configuration information for viewing and analyzing in a common format. For information on our extensive list of automation systems or how to purchase Automation Integrity, please contact us.


  • Improves productivity by 20 to 50 percent
  • Improves plant performance with fewer trips due to bad configurations
  • Reduces sensor configuration drift and errors by more than 40%
  • Reduces inventory and documentation effort by 70 percent or more
  • Integrates to 75+ industrial automation systems
  • Minimizes human error